Sinus congestion after endoscopic sinus surgery, 2 months post.

I had endoscopic sinus surgery in early Aug after few years of chronic sinus issues. My R side of my sinuses has no real issues. The L side and the side (the worst side) has pressure, popping, congestion, post nasal drip and NO drainage out of my nostril. I can blow nothing out of my left nostril, only option is to keep swallowing post nasal drip which is annoying to say the least. I have had total of 3 follow up appts. what can i do to relieve these chronic issues and fast? thanks

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You need to have the left side examined with a sinuscope and possibly debrided.  Sometimes scar tissue can interfere with the results of your surgery.  Often a simple office procedure can remedy the situation.  If this does not improve things, then a repeat CT scan may b necessary.

What is it about that left side?

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There really seems to be a real difference between the two sides.  I start to wonder if there is something different going on in the left nasal and sinus regions.  Commonly, nagging sinus symptoms persist for days after the surgery, however, it is not that usual to have persistent unilateral sinus symptoms this many weeks out after the surgery.  I would be very interested in what the nasal cavity and sinuses look like on the left at this stage after the surgery.  Often, I will inspect endoscopically in the clinic to confirm sinus obstruction alleviation.  Any persistent scabbing or debris can be removed and resolve many problems of sinus pain and pressure.  Importantly, the best assessment comes with a one on one direct nasal and sinus examination.  

Discuss with your surgeon

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The best thing to do is to discuss the issue with your surgeon.  If you are not getting answers you want, ask for a second opinion.  Much of what you describe can be normal after sinus surgery, but without knowing the details or examining you, it's difficult to make any recommendations.

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Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon
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