Is this pain normal?

I have facial paralysis that caused my nasal passage to collapse. I had surgery a couple of years ago to fix it. It helped some but got worse so I had the surgery repeated last week. Now the tip of my nose is very painful when washing, sharp pains. Or, when yawning it feels like my stitches are tearing. All of my upper teeth have a dull ache and I have almost constant forehead ache. Headache worse on standing. I don't remember this much pain the first time around. More swollen and bruised this time, also.

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Symptoms are within the normal

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Variable nasal and sinus region symptoms occur after a sinus surgery.  Your symptoms are still within the ordinary post-operative experience.   Most symptoms get much better after a week. The symptoms of nasal tip pain, "stitiches" that feel like they are going to tear, and forehead headaches, are common after sinus surgery.  Headache, and other sinusitis like symptoms are frustrating, however, these symptoms are nicely improved with a tincture of time, and in some instances, more antibiotics.  Be patient.  Further endoscopic nasal and sinus debridement can alleviate a lot of the sinus symptoms at this stage.

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Nose pain

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Without knowing exactly what you had done I can't give you a great answer about how much pain to expect.  There are several treatments for nasal obstruction in facial paralysis patients; some are very minimal with little pain and some are extensive with longer recovery and more pain.Any treatment that involves incisions in the nose can be very painful, especially to touch.I would check with your surgeon though, especially if you are having any discharge, fevers or any other unusual symptomsBest of luck,

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