Sharp lines developed after first time Botox. Diagonal line from eyebrow to forehead. Deep and painful. (photo)

Injections in frown lines and forehead, 4 days later woke to find a sharp diagonal line running from eyebrow to forehead. Injector said not from Botox. Then said muscle was pulling so should inject in eyebrow (not above) delcine for fear of droopy eye. She injected above new line and top of forehead. Again 4 days later got a new diagonal line above first one. 16 days another appeared under 1st line. Totally Devastated . She says it will wear off, not convinced as line is deep and sharp.

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Sharp lines developed after first time Botox. Diagonal line from eyebrow to forehead. Deep and painful.

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  Due to some asymmetrical muscle paralysis you have developed some diagonal lines from the non-paralyzed forehead muscle moving.  Rest assured that you will return to your normal appearance in 3-4 months when the Botox wears off and will not have any permanent negative effects.  hang in there and interview new injectors.  

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Botox side effect

It is of course due to the Botox injections.  Muscles are a strange thing and everyone is a little different and you probably have an unusual configuration of the Frontalis and associated muscles. this will wear off but it may take 3 months or so. I can be corrected with some injections in different areas but you may end up chasing it. and you are right Never get an injection in the eyebrow. Be sure you see a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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New lines after Botox treatment

Sometimes certain lines will be more prominent after BOTOX while other lines are reduced. A refinement should be done to improve results as you age and continue treatment. You should always choose a physician who specializes in injecting BOTOX because treatments should be customized to your specific needs and those needs change over time. 

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Botox results

Unfortunately but honestly this is probably due to misplacement of Botox by an inexperienced injector. I would consult with another injector. Botox is a powerful tool for wrinkle reduction and when done right, it gives amazing results. You will likely only need a few units of Botox injected in the correct location to improve your result.

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Botox and Forehead wrinkles

Botox is a great injection for forehead wrinkles.  Unfortunately, It looks as if the Botox migrated and was not put in the whole area.  You can return to your treated area to have a small amount of Botox placed in the area to correct it.  Please consult an expert for the best cosmetic results. Best, Dr. Green

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Botox correction on the forehead

Thank you for your question NellyN. Botox is a great treatment to address wrinkles associated with facial expression such as those on the forehead. Any time a patient does Botox for the first time, we always take standardized before photographs in five positions both at rest and with facial expression. Two weeks later we take the same series to assess the results. In this way, if the result is not ideal adjustments can be made. When treating the forehead, I like to treat the horizontal wrinkles on the upper forehead along with the frown lines between the brows. This allows for a harmonious balance on the forehead and decreases the possibility of appearance of new wrinkles. When new wrinkles appear with facial expression, a small amount of Botox can be used for correction. I always reassure patients that Botox is not permanent and results will last three to four months on average. Please consult with your doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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