Scar removal with vertical and serial excision? (Photo)

Hallo i have a 1 inch surgery scar with stitch tracks on the back of my neck. I want to remove it via vertical and serial excision. My idea is to excise, like in the second picture described, vertical in oder to shorten the scar. I would have after the first step a double-cross scar.In the next step i would do serial excision, in order to excise the stitch tracks and the two new vertical scars.Is this idea possible? With this i should get rid of the stich tracks and the scar should be shortened

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Scar Revision

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There are many patients interested in scar revision. You should speak with a board certified surgeon to discuss your options. Serial vertical excision is rarely employed to treat this type of scarring. Best of luck. 

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Serial Scar Excisions

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Yes, it is possible to do serial scar excision to help improve your current scar.  I would suggest an in person consultation to evaluate the scar.  You likely don't need to vertical component as you have drawn (although that is very creative).  
Good Luck

Scar Revision

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Simple answer, yes this is possible but it may take many procedures over several years. After each excision, complete healing with be required and the skin must be allowed time to stretch, typically 6 months between excisions. You could also consider a neater horizontal scar which would be technically easier and done in a single stage. Best wishes.

Erica Anderson, MD
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