How to prepare for clear and brilliant?

i m getting a clear and brilliant treatment in a week and i wanted to do at home microdermabrasion (microderm md) tomorrow. I also use algenist alguronic acid and retinol serum. Is it ok to use these things before clear and brilliant or should i stop a week before.

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Clear and Brilliant and Melarase creams

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I always ask patients to prep the skin with Melarase creams and retinoids prior to the laser, but techniques vary. Clear and Brilliant laser should be combined with Melarase to prepare the skin and maintain results. 


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Stop a few days before C and B

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I advice all my patients to stop active products 2-3 days before, however to moisturise your skin +++ leading up to the C and B treatment. Every specialist will have their own pre op care, so contact your Clear and Brilliant specialist for their advice. Dr Davin Lim 

​Preparing for Clear & Brilliant can be different for some patients.

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Preparing for Clear & Brilliant can be different for some patients. It is important that each patient receives a skin consultation with their provider. At that time the provider will give them instructions about a corrective at home regimen to follow before the treatment to help obtain the best results.  If a patient is being treated to improve his/her pigmentation, sun damage etc.,they should be on a brightening regimen for 4 weeks pre treatment. It's always important for everyone to prep the skin by using exfoliating products provided by your professional. If a patient is using any active ingredients (ex: Retinol,Retin A ,Alpha/beta hydroxyl Acids) must be stopped 2 weeks before treatment. Avoid direct sun exposure 5-7 days prior to the treatment.

Prep for Clear and Brilliant

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Hi septembergirl2016, thank you for your question.

I definitely recommend contracting your treating physician for these details, as every practice generally will have a customized, written set of pre and post care instructions you will follow for your procedure.

Note: Every practice will differ in policy on when to stop a topical irritant before a procedure and when to resume.

For Clear and Brilliant, these products are generally stopped from 72 hours to 1 week prior to laser.

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Dr. K

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Clear and Brilliant

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Your treating physician should really advise you about stopping Retinol or not before your procedure.  It really depends on your skin type.  Please consult an expert for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

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