Is This Normal Side Incision Healing? Breast Reduction 18 Days Post Op. (photo)

Left Side Itchy W/ White Open Areas and Yellow DrainageMy left side got swollen 1 wk & 1/2 out, incision was closed w/ disposable sutures w/ a strip of tape. Tape was removed 8/2 & bled a bit. Since then, kept area covered with a surgical pad & Aquaphor, cleaned area with antibacterial soap 3x since, & used triple antibiotic ointment 1x. Increased itching at incision site & a little bit of bleeding. Seems to be irritated/reddish. Please advise if this looks like normal healing, if not, how should I approach my Dr with my concerns? Thanks in advance.

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It is on the low side of normal. Best to have very close follow up with your chosen surgeon. There you can have aggressive wound care. 

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Healing after a breast reduction

It appears that you are healing normally but if you have any problems then you should check with your plastic surgeon.  He is in the best position to understand if you are having problems and to direct your healing progress.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Incision healing after Breast Reduction

If you have concerns about your incisions, I would advise addressing them with your plastic surgeon. It is very common to see delayed healing after breast reduction surgery. Dressing changes are the best way to handle any open areas. Even though these areas can be small, they can take awhile to heal. I would follow whatever your doctor recommends for wound care. I usually follow patients with delayed healing at least once per week. If the final scar ends up being wide or depressed, scar revision is always an option after the scar is mature at 1 year post-op.

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