Is is Possible to Get Approved for a Second Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction almost 10 years ago, but my breast have grown back and I am having neck pain, back pain, marks under breast from bras, shoulder grooves and difficulty working out. What is the success rate of getting my insurance to approve the surgery; the first one was done in a different state and I had different insurance. My current size is 36-38 DDD/F. I would like to go down to a C or D cup. Note - 1 breast is also substantially bigger than the other; almost an entire cup size.

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Is is Possible to Get Approved for a Second Breast Reduction?

In my experience, if a patient has the appropriate symptoms, a second breast reduction is typically covered by insurance.

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Is is Possible to Get Approved for a Second Breast Reduction?

Excellent question.  Insurance companies do not differentiate between primary and secondary breast reduction.  What they are caring more and more about is your symptoms and how long you have had them, and this needs to be documented by your doctors.  In addition most policies also require a period, usually 6 months, of "conservative management", whatever that is!  Your Board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon can go over all of this in more detail with you and guide you in the right direction.  Best of luck.

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Secondary breast reduction

If your breasts have changed significantly since your breast reduction 10 years ago and you are having symptoms related to large breasts you may be a candidate for a second breast reduction.  The risk of wound healing problems may be greater since the exact method used in the first operation may not be known.  It would be helpful to obtain a copy of the original operative note.  

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Second Breast Reduction

It is possible to have a second breast reduction, but it does have a higher incidence of wound healing problems.  I have done a handful of these procedures.  Most women have done well, but one or two have had delayed wound healing.  This occurs because of another disruption of the blood supply.

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Is is Possible to Get Approved for a Second Breast Reduction?

Yes, it is possible, although a lot depends on the specific requirements of your own insurance company.  But assuming you meet those - and you will most likely need the assistance of your plastic surgeon to help figure that out - you may well be qualified in having a second breast reduction.

As noted by Dr. Pousti, it is helpful to obtain the operative report of your first procedure so that this surgeon, if a different one from the first, will know more about which pedicle was used as well as other specifics of the surgery you had.  That will benefit your safety and the ultimate result that can be achieved.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

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Is it Possible to Get Approved for a Second Breast Reduction?

Yes, it is possible to have a 2nd breast reduction procedure covered by your health insurance company. Of course, you will need to check with your specific insurance carrier to see if it is a “covered benefit” or not.

 When you are ready to proceed with this procedure, it would be helpful to your plastic surgeon to have a copy of the previous plastic surgeons offer report,  if not all possible. This will help increase the safety of the procedure.

 Best wishes.

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