How long do you have to wait in between getting Sculpsure sessions?

I received treatment about 3 weeks ago. I'm completely healthy and simply have stubborn areas including minor belly fat and love handle/flank areas. I know results aren't fully shown for up to 12 weeks but I'd like to go ahead and get my second treatment done. Am I ok to do so after three weeks of receiving the first treatment. Thanks!!

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You should wait 6 weeks

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it is best to wait 6 weeks since that allows clearing of the dead fat cells and this is excellent timing so that you will start to see very nice results shortly thereafter.

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Time between sculpsure treatments

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Your best options is to wait 4-6 weeks between treatments. The reason is to clear whatever fat has already been treated so that the second treatment will affect untreated fat cells. Hang in there, it will be worth it!

How soon for #2?

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The SculpSure technology allows a depth of effect up to 3 cm. If you laser the same area before it is smaller, you are affecting the same tissue and depth limiting the effect. Ideally, you want the old stuff dead and gone and treat the newer thinner you. This would be the most effective--but it is only money!

How long do you wait between sculpture treatments?

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Hi. It would be better to wait 6 weeks before you receive your 2nd treatment. You need to allow your body to excrete the fat cells that have been damaged. Take this waiting period to drink lots of fluids , exercise and eat a very clean diet.  I would recommend trying the Isagenix 9 day cleanse. This will help your body lose excess weight and remove toxins. Follow-up with your doctor at 6 weeks and have your 2nd treatment. Good Luck. Dr. Eros

Time Between SculpSure Treatments

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Hi there,

It is not recommended to get another SculpSure treatment before 6 weeks from the date of your initial treatment. This is primarily because of the time needed for your body to eliminate the dead fat cells. Getting a second treatment too soon can lead to more pain, unforeseen complications. If you are already at 3 weeks, then you are already half way there! I say it's better to be safe and wait til the recommended 6 weeks before going for another round of treatment. In the mean time you can take up activities like cadio/exercise to help promote the elimination process.

SculpSure- Treating a second area

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Hello and thank you for your question. I would recommend waiting 6-8 weeks before you do your second treatment if it is the same area being treated. If you are doing a second area that has not been treated you can do that treatment at any time. Hope this helps!

How long to wait between SculpSure treatments?

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There is no exact time that is recommend to wait in between SculpSure treatments.  You are correct that it can take 12 weeks to see the full results after a treatment and the interval to wait between treatments will vary by physician.  My preference is to wait at least two months but I have done them as soon as a month in between.  The physician treating you may be fine with 3 weeks in between, so I would just check with the office where you had the procedure.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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Thank you for your question. I suggest that you consult with your board certified facial plastic surgeon. There are general time horizons recommended between sessions but your surgeon will be able to provide you a more accurate time estimate based upon your health profile and your first treatment. It is important to allow ample time between treatments for the results to appear because then your surgeon will be able to know which areas need more attention.

Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
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Time between SculpSure Sessions

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Thanks for the question.  I recommend between 4-6 weeks between sessions.  If you have seen an appreciable result after the first session at 4 weeks postoperatively then you are probably safe to have the second session.  If you do not see an appreciable result after 4 weeks then I would wait the full 6 weeks before the second session.


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It is recommended to have 6 weeks between treatments. This allows the dead fat cells to clear after treatment, and for any inflammation and swelling in the area to resolve. 12 weeks after your last treatment, maximum result will appear. Best of luck!

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