Sculpsure Pain Management?

Sculpsure being touted as causing little discomfort, etc. But most patients/reviewers say it's actually quite painful during treatment. What can doctors/patients do, if anything, to lessen the pain during treatment? And are certain areas more sensitive to Sculpsure pain than others? Thanks.

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SculpSure & Pain

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I have not had a lot of issues with pain among my SculpSure patients. Most would describe it as mild discomfort if they feel anything at all. I have never had to pre-treat a patient for pain. Hope this helps.

Pain Control with SculpSure

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There is no pain associated with SculpSure treatment and on average the user discomfort is a 3 out 10.  There is mild discomfort but after 4 minutes into it, every one can tolerate it given that it's only 25 minutes and for a great outcome. I  did not have a single patient who required any pain medication pre or post treatment.  Please remember that by reading a lot of stories about the treatment, your anxiety level may be increased, which also contributes to higher discomfort level during the treatment. Individual responses vary greatly. Some patients feel it while others simply fall asleep or read a book during the treatment.  I suggest you come to a provider that will explain the treatment, what to expect and  the discomfort management tools, etc. Wear comfortable or loose clothing and bring something that will help to keep you distracted. Please do not have this treatment when you are hang over or super tired or close to your period. Good luck and enjoy your body contouring treatment. Best.Dr.Avaliani

SculpSure and Discomfort

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I have found that each patient experiences SculpSure differently.  Some have found it to be fairly uncomfortable, while other patients have fallen asleep having the exact same areas done.  Most patients tolerate it well, but sensitivity varies from patient to patient.  I've also found there is no predictability about which areas may be more sensitive than others.  Of my patients having both areas done, some claim flanks were a bit more sensitive, some say abdomen.  Your clinician should provide you with a full explanation of how the treatment will work and provide appropriate expectations.  I no longer tell prospective patients that it's pain-free, as everyone's definition of pain is different also.  


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Thank you for your question. Our patients do not find discomfort with the SculpSure laser. In fact, many patients cite a pleasant feeling with the procedure because it emits a warm sensation. The SculpSure laser offers a range of settings that can be adjusted based upon the patient's experience. Always consul with a board certified facial plastic surgeon. 

Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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No pain management needed for Sculpsure

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Hello and thank you for your question. Sculpsure is not designed to be intolerable. No pain medication is needed. Some areas are much more sensitive then others. The settings are increased or decreased by the patients tolerance. A higher setting does not mean a more successful treatment. The settings are increased by the patients zone. During the treatment you will feel depths of heating then cooling and those settings are keeping the patient in a range that is appropriate for the individual. The patient should not be in pain to have the treatment be effective. Hope this helps. Best, Dr Faraz

SculpSure not designed to be painful

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Thanks for your question. Because SculpSure is intended to be tolerable, doctors don’t provide pain management during SculpSure. Every person’s pain threshold is different. If you typically don’t handle discomfort well, taking something over the counter may be a good idea. Or distracting yourself during the treatment i.e. reading, listening to music, may also help you feel less discomfort. Best, Dr. Katz

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Pain tolerated with SculpSure for fat reduction

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SculpSure uses externally applied laser to heat the fat below the skin to kill fat cells. As the heat increases, a cool cycle is created by the device and the heat is slowly increased as tolerated. The physician/operator has the control to diminish the energy for those who find it uncomfortable.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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SculpSure is Well-Tolerated

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Pain tolerance of course varies based on the individual, however SculpSure is typically very well tolerated, only causing minimal discomfort. The laser works by heating up the fat cells to a specific temperature necessary to cause destruction without damaging any of the surrounding tissue or structures. In order to minimize discomfort during the procedure, the machine is designed to cycle through rounds of heating and cooling, that is 25 seconds of warming followed by 10 seconds of cooling - just when you may begin to feel uncomfortable, the cooling kicks in and you normalize before the process repeats again. The entire procedure is only 25 minutes long and most people find it quite easy to tolerate, particularly relative to the benefit. If you still find it uncomfortable, you could take two Tylenol prior to the procedure to lessen your discomfort.

Myself and my staff have had the Sculpsure treatment with no problems

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it does get very warm but then it cools down and then cycles. there is no reason you can 't take two Tylenol if you are concerned. we also have a TV in the room and encourage patients to look at their TV or do stuff on their phones to distract them and that works great. 

david berman md

Does SculpSure hurt?

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Thank you for the great question.  It's one of the first questions all our patients want to know.  Does it hurt?   I've had SculpSure and so have a large number of our patients.  At the point where you feel like you  are about to feel the pain, the cooling cycle starts and the patient feels fine.  Some patients have reported experiencing the heat as feeling like a menstral cramp. Out of all of our patients, we have only had one that has stated that it was not a comfortable experience.  She did finish though, she didn't want to stop.  The laser is devised to work with your tolerance for the absorption of the heat.  If you feel pain, it is to be turned down.  Also, some areas can feel more painful than others and luckily the laser's settings can be changed per applicator--so it can be completely indivualized to your body.  I hope this helps.  The results we are seeing are exciting and our patients have been very happy!

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