SculpSure and umbilical hernia. Can it be done?

I may have an umbilical hernia that developed post pregnancy. I just consulted with my OBGYN and she cannot tell, so she referred me to a surgeon who will perform the right ultrasound and see what's happening there. It's mid October and I was hoping to have SculpSure before then... Is it safe? Or should I wait to see whether I do have an umbilical hernia or not? Will there be any damage?

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Scupsure and Umbilical Hernia

Small Umbilical Hernias are very common after pregnancy. The Sculpsure frames are designed to avoid directly the laser over the umbilical area.  The doctor performing the Sculpsure should be sure to avoid placing the Sculpsure laser over the umbilical area.

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Dr. Chapman

Hernia and sculpsure

Safety is the primary concern with using any device. Once an ultrasound is performed and the hernia is found to be small, the sculpture applicators are placed in an area away from the hernia. I also consult first with a general surgeon for accurate diagnosis and complete safety.

Robert M. Wald, Jr., MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Needs an exam

During an exam before SculpSure treatments we check for hernias and diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles). If there is a hernia or diastasis, we just alter the placement of the heads to avoid direct treatment over these areas.

Sculpsure and hernia

Sculpsure treatment will be targeted to the abdomen, an no treatment is performed over the belly-button, so the umbilical hernia should not affect your treatment.  Please notify your doctor prior to your treatment.

Dennis Dass, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Should be fine

if you have a plastic surgeon evaluate , we can tell most of the time, if you have an umbilical hernia that is large or not. provided the paddles are not put over the hernia (it should not be put over the umbilicus at all) then it should not be a problem

david berman md

David E. Berman, MD
Sterling Plastic Surgeon
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SculpSure and Hernia

I would wait to have your hernia evaluated before having SculpSure performed. SculpSure can be performed on areas where the hernia is not present.

Patricia DePoli, MD, FACS
Skokie Plastic Surgeon
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Sculpsure/Hernia/Will Cause Damage?--O.k. for Sculpsure/Ultrasound/ThermiRF for skin tightening

Sculpsure can still be performed if you have a hernia, as long as that area is avoided. I recommend a combination approach using VASER 4D hi def lipo plus radiofrequency, ultrasound, or laser treatments to tighten and tone the area. See an expert for a formal consultation after determining if you have a hernia or not. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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SculpSure delay for hernia evaluation?

It is not OK to put applicators over a hernia where there isn't a well defined fat layer. However, there is no problem to be Sculpted around it since even if you choose to have it operated on, it will probably take 2-6 weeks to get scheduled, approved etc.

SculpSure and an umbilical hernia

SculpSure can be performed if an umbilical hernia is present.  The treatment CAN NOT be over or near the hernia though.  SculpSure is adaptable and avoidance of hernias, scars, bony prominence is easy.

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David Finkle, MD
Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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As long as you stay away from the hernia

We often see small umbilical hernias. If the hernia is symptomatic or is large enough to where your surgeon is planning surgical repair, then I would wait 2-3 months after surgery to have Sculpsure. The surgery could slightly change the contour of you abdomen and would see how that would effect placement of the Sculpsure brackets. If they are going to take a wait-and-see position, then there is no reason to put off SculpSure as long as the brackets stay away from the hernia area

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