How long after clear and brilliant can I use dermaroller or microderm?

i had my first treatment of clear and brilliant. Underwhelmeb, but will try in a month again. in the meantime how do i space dermaroller and microderm treatments?

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One week after Clear and Brilliant laser

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One week, as it takes your skin 3-4 days to recover. There is a fine line between treating your skin to improve your issues, and over treating to cause problems. C and B is excellent for pigment, and general rejuvenation, but it should be tailored for YOUR skin concerns. I use it as a maintenance laser, or as an adjunct to treat pigment such as melasma. All the best, Dr Davin S. Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

Clear and brilliant

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our most effective regimen with clear and brilliant is every two weeks for a total of six treatments.  after that patients go on maintenance once every quarter.  we had to purchase a second machine because of the high demand for the treatments and patients love the results.  I myself have benefitted from clear and brilliant and have seen most of my pigment issues disappear, as well as an incredible decrease is pore size.

Clear & Brilliant and Microderm

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I would wait at least one week between these treatments for a little longer if your skin is sensitive.  Please verify with the physician performing the procedure.  Best, Dr. Green

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