My implants are still firm. How long does it take they are getting softer?

I had a surgery about 9months ago. Implants are gummy bear manufactured by Silimed. When I lie down, they are a little bit more firmer. Can they be soft? I'm very worried about softness...

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You've probably fully settled in.

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The firmness of your implants is based on several factors:  the implant filler material (saline vs silicone, "regular silicone vs the higher cohesive silicone used in shaped implants), the size of the implant relative to your body dimensions and skin looseness, and the extent of tightening in the breast implant capsule.

If you have noticed a progressive tightening in the breasts rather than a gradual softening, then you may have a capsular contracture.  Most surgeons would advise treating more severe cases with a surgical release, so you should definitely have your surgeon examine you if you feel this to be the case.

On the other hand, if your breasts went through a slow softening and have now stabilized, you've probably reached your maximal point of settling and are less likely to have a contracture.

Fortunately, you used the softest of the shaped implants.  So for that style of implant, you have experienced the most natural feel possible.

As always, I'd consult with your surgeon and get his or her opinion about what is going on.  If you do NOT have a contracture, they may recommend a size change (go smaller) or shift you to a round silicone implant (generally softer feeling).  More likely, they will suggest that you spend more time getting accustomed to the implants, and you should find that you are happier with them as time goes on.

Best of luck.

Softening of Sientra breast implants

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As a rule of thumb, your breast augmentation reaches the 90% point of an end result at 6 weeks and 100% at a year after.  With that said, at 6 months, your breast firmness is what it is..... However if you have a "capsular contracture" you may have unnaturally firm implants.  Sientra/Silimed "gummy bear" implants tend to be slightly firmer than other breast implant brands.
Have your plastic surgeon examine your results.  He is best equipped to let you know whether you have the normal amount of fullness which would be expected or have a capsular contracture producing unnaturally firm breasts.
I believe that Sientra may offer many women the most natural possible looking and feeling result!  As of August 2016, they are only available in the Albany, Upstate NY, Capital District area at our office - Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery, PC.  I encourage area women to call us for a consultation

Breast implant surgery.

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Hello, and thank you for this question. More than likely at this point you will not get significant softening. I would recommend you discuss this with your treating plastic surgeon. Best of luck.

When Do Breast Implants Soften After Surgery?

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Usually it takes 6 months for implants to soften as much as they are going to after the surgery. The "gummy bear" implants can vary a lot in how firm they are depending on brand of implants and the specific style chosen.

At 9 months it is unlikely they will soften further. 

Gummy implants

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Gummy implants tend to be more firm than the more traditional cohesive gel implants. They will likely not get any softer.

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