I have autoimmune issues. Is it safe to get Juvederm lip injections?

I have been sick for a year with fibromyalgia type symptoms . My strep titers (aso) remain high and my rheumtologist thinks I may have a strain for rheumatic fever . I take penicillin daily which helps with my symptoms . I would really like lip injections but hear gram positive bacteria is a contraindication. And worry my strep levels may cause issues . Thoughts?

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Juvderm injections and autoimmune disease.

I would recommend discussing this issue with the doctor who is managing your autoimmune issues. Juvderm can be safely used by patients who have certain autoimmune problems, after approval by their medical doctors.

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Filler with autoimmune issues

While there is no contraindication of dermal fillers with autoimmune disorders, and I have personally injected many patients with autoimmune disorders, it is important you are feeling up to having such procedures done! If you have any issues with skin infections our office uses a special skin disinfectant to completely clean the area prior to injection. Infections are essentially non-existent in general but with a history of such, we would take extra precautions. I hope this helps!

Lesley Rabach, MD
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