How much is the average cost of a diagnostic wax up?

Me dentist is willing to redone my veneers on my peg laterals . They were done without a diagnostic wax up and outcome is awful. He is asking $811 for a diagnostic wax up to remake them .Is it reasonable price ? I live in PA.

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How much is the average cost of a diagnostic wax up before porcelain veneers?

Your dentist is doing a great service for you to order diagnostic wax up, before starting your porcelain veneers procedure, this way you both know what the goal is after your approval. As far as the cost of diagnostic wax up, that depends on the work needed by the dentist prior to ordering the wax up, whether he needs to prepare the study cast and the teeth himself or the lab tech, how many teeth he is waxing up, and many other factors...., to give you an idea for the cost from the lab, usually average labs charge about $50 tooth and of course best dental ceramist more....

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