Veneers ok but not perfect! (photos)

I recently got veneers on the top 8. I am not happy with them! My dentist seems to think they look great. I would like professional suggestions so I can discuss with him. I don't want to seem like I'm being difficult. Please help!

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Veneers ok not perfect

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Personally I think your veneers look very nice.   What exactly is perfection?  Rather the important question is: What, exactly do you dislike about them?   You mention the lateral looks "weird".  Did you have temporary veneers that you liked better?   Prior to permanently bonding these veneers did you mention at the "try in " phase about this "lateral" or any other concerns?   Our ultimate goal is to make our patients happy, however, sometimes in trying to do so (if one or more of these veneers were remade), we can actually make matters worse..  Have a clear and concise discussion with your cosmetic dentist.

Steven M. Goldy DDS

Beverly Hills Dentist


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Hi Gabbie! If you are not happy with your veneers, you should go back to your dentist and discuss your concerns with him. But be specific: are you not happy with the color? Is it the shape of the teeth you are unhappy with?  Are you unhappy with the length and the size? Were you able to try in the veneers prior to having them permanently cemented?  That is a very important step.  You should have been able to seen the veneers inside your mouth and give a final approval prior to having them permanently cemented.  Either way, I would discuss your concerns with your dentist.  

Desiree Yazdan, DDS
Newport Beach Dentist
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The veneers do look very nice!

Do they look better than the teeth appeared prior to the veneers?

Was there any kind of agreement about the final appearance you had with your dentist prior to the veneers being 


Were the veneers tried in and you given the opportunity to view them prior to them being bonded in place? 

If so, did you observe the shade and arrangement and agree that all is fine?

Is there a third party giving their opinion after the veneers are already bonded in place?

If so, have they brought about the concerns you are now expressing?

It sounds like you feel good about your new smile, but not great. You are not being difficult if you make an 

appointment with your dentist for a post-op check and discuss your concerns.

If you feel the one lateral looks different than the other one, express that. That may be able to be corrected 

by pushing the lateral in on the side toward the middle of your mouth. In our office we do that with a retainer.

The lower tooth may be in the way, so some adjustment may need to happen to the back of the veneer.

If you feel the two laterals are a bit long, they can easily be shortened in the mouth.

If you feel the appearance of the two bicuspids are not the same, I would agree with you and have to ask why not?

We do not have enough info to make a guess, so you need to discuss this with your dentist.

The veneers in your pictures look nice, but some tweeking  and refinements may be in order.

Charles Briscoe, DDS
La Jolla Dentist

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The problem you see is that the veneers have a square chicklet appearance

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Slightly longer veneers and minimal removal of gingival tissues could have improved the overall look of the veneers.  You also hve dark buccal corridors from narrow maxilla, worse on your right than left.

Golden Proportion is off;  see web reference

Good is the enemy of great in cosmetic dentistry

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Perfection should never be a goal, it is never achieved.  So the question becomes what is an acceptable compromise?  In this case, you will need to be very clear about what you don't like.  Is it tooth size? shape? color? Define "weird" when you say, "lateral looks weird".  Were you happy with the temporary veneers (the prototype worn while the lab fabricated the final restorations)?

It would help to see before photos to compare.  There are many factors that go into evaluating smiles, but "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."  Many/most of my patients would be thrilled with this result.

I personally would hesitate to treat a case like this to "redo" as the result is very good (if not great).

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