What is the difference in the United States Tummy Tuck vs the Dominican Republic Tummy Tuck?

I see alot of females come from the DR and the have fluid build up issues and it looks so much painful....

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"US Tummy Tuck"

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There is no such thing as a US Tummy TuckMost American Pkatic surgeons customize a Tummy Tuck based on each specific patient's needs and goals. The most important thing to consider is how to pick THE BEST Plastic surgeon you can afford. Review where they received their education and then their training, are they certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery? Are they a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons ( all of whose members ARE certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and are held to the highest safety and ethics standards? Read their reviews on this website and others. How many reviews go they have and what do most reviews say??Finally, as regards going abroad for major surgery, who will take care of you after the surgery? What if you need care for a while, who will do it? Will you be flying back and forth to the DR for a while? Post-Op care is a very important consideration when you decide on where to have your operation. 
Dr. Peter A. AldeaMemphis, TN

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

There lies the difference

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United States Thigh lift is done by surgeons trained in United States.  Dominican Republic Plastic surgeons are not licensed to practice medicine in United States.  Standards differ.

What is the difference in the United States Tummy Tuck vs the Dominican Republic Tummy Tuck?

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From a technical standpoint, there may be no significant differences depending on the surgeon. In the United States, board-certified plastic surgeons are the most reliable source when looking for a comprehensively trained surgeon to perform a tummy tuck operation.
I also have taken care of patients who had surgery in the Dominican Republic. It's interesting that this also was a fluid buildup issue that required multiple drainages in my office.

Medical tourism

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As far as I know, there is no technical difference between the two. The main issue with having tummy tuck done in the Dominican Republic or any medical tourism for that matter or having it done close to home the issue of postoperative complications and postoperative care. If unfortunately you do have a surgical complication following your surgery your original surgeon will be your best source for treatment of this complication, and if you do have a surgical procedure far away and then return home, you will most likely have difficulty finding a surgeon willing to treat someone else's postoperative complications. I am sure there are several excellent plastic surgeons close to you in New Orleans. Best of luck

What is the difference between a DR tummy tuck and one performed in the U.S.

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The correct answer to this question is simply that I don't know!  What I do know is that in the U.S. You have a very broad opportunity to interview and find what you believe to be a highly qualified Plastic Surgeon.  All of us are certified( at least we should be- be careful in doing your homework!) and each and every one of us would be obligated to following your surgical progress until you are well healed and pleased with your results.  Don't settle for less than this.  Also discuss with your Plastic Surgeon how many Tummy tucks have been done by the surgeon.  Many times the more experience the better the result.  Always remember that cheap is quite often very expensive!!!

Good luck to you.
Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

DR tummy tuck versus USA tummy tuck

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There is really no differed in the general technique. Names are place on procedures in different regions as a marketing maneuver generally. I would caution you in considering going out of the country expecially DR, Honduras and Mexico just because a of a lower price. These lower prices are a result less restrictions and standards on surgeons and surgical facilities. These lower standards translate lower prices but higher rates of complications that the patients are left to deal alone once they returned home. I have personally taken care of numerous people who had procedures done in all three of these places who developed extreme and sometimes life threatening complications. Most required reopration, occasional hospitalization and long term care by me. The cost of my care, hospitalizations and other ancillary needs far out way the savings of going out of the country. If everything goes well you will view the experience as a good one but if you are one of the patients exposed to these high rate of complications, it will be the worse decision of your life. Be safe.

I Can Only Guess - The Results and Care you get?

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I can only assume that you pay a lot less in the DR and then come back to the states and pay thousands more than it would have cost you in the first place to have your surgery in the states.  We all do the same procedures with some variations in the technique so I highly doubt there is a "Dominican Republic" and a "USA" tummy tuck.  Just remember that should you opt to have surgery done in the DR and have a problem you have no recourse and may have a great deal of difficulty getting a plastic surgeon to take care of you without a great additional expense to you.

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