New 6 Front Dental Crowns Starting to Develop Spacing, Slightly Loose, Often Clicking?

I had 6 new crowns on my front teeth 2 mo ago that are now starting to separate in front and slightly uneven. The crowns on one side are now lower with each cap a bit lower than the next and easily noticed when I smile. They move & pop back and forth and get stuck on top of each other and it hurts when they pop back in place. Feels like my teeth are exposed a bit in the back. Touching the crowns are extremely sensitive. Is this normal? Been unable to get return call for appt from dentistry group.

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New Crowns moving and creating spaces

So sorry to hear that you are having such experiences on new crowns in such a short time.  Sounds like there might be an occlusal / bite  discrepancy . If the lower teeth are heavily hitting these new crowns then there might be some movement, another explanation is that there are some periodontal issues causing the teeth to be unstable thus allowing movement and opening of space between adjacent teeth.  I highly recommend to revisit the treating dentist and have then do a very close periodontal/gums  examination and occlussal/bite  analysis.  All these should be done for no charge by the cosmetic dentist  before and after the cosmetic procedure. Please post some pictures of the teeth before and after.


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New anterior crowns

The new crowns that are just performed should not have any of the signs that you describe. There is definitely something wrong with the fit of this crowns and overall performance- the crowns shouldn`t be popping out, have such an extreme sensitivity and separate in the front. It sounds like they definitely need to be corrected/ changed.

Try to contact the dental office where the treatment was performed, or you also can contact local dental board to speed up the process a little.

Loosening of front crowns bite related.

It sounds like the bite is too heavy on these new crowns and every time you close together, your lower teeth press against these crowns and are loosening them more and more.  They should be checked and adjusted right away or you run the risk of loosening the bone around the roots of your teeth.

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New 6 Front Dental Crowns Developing Space, Slightly Loose, Often Clicking?

There are many subtle sensations that you may feel once your final crowns are placed. However, you sound like you are having more issues than average. One of the secrets to a great result in cosmetic dentistry, is close follow-up AFTER the final crowns are put in.

I' sorry to hear that your dentist group isn't calling you back. I would call and ask for the office manager and express that you are worried about these new crowns. If you are still not getting a quick call back, stop by the office and politely ask to speak with someone.

Now is the time for excellent communication. If you are not making progress, then find the best cosmetic dentist in your area. They may be able to solve some of the issues you are concerned about right now.

I suspect your bite might not be exactly right.

Crowns on front teeth developing space and clicking

This sounds like an issue with the bite based on your comments - please have it assessed as soon as possible - if you are not getting a return call, either go there or see another dentist but the problem will not likely get better while you are waiting.  Good luck

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