Taken 4 sessions of PRP for hair loss and there are 2 sessions remaining but no sign of stoppage till now. Is this normal??

I am 22 yr old facing dense hair loss problems and had taken prp for this. I had taken 4 session already and 2 sessions are left still my hairs are shedding there is no stoppage on them. Is there any chance that my hair fall will stop and regrowth.

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In my opinion,  hair shedding should decrease by the third month of PRP therapy. Find a PRP expert. Look at photos. Good luck.

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PRP treatment with continuing hair loss

deepanshu2707,So sorry to hear about your ongoing hair loss progression in spite of your four PRP treatments. PRP is very effective in treating miniaturizing follicles, hence genetic pattern hair loss. I have had some patients with alopecia areata also have very positive responses. I would recommend that you see a hair loss specialist to undergo a thorough evaluation to arrive at an accurate diagnosis if you have not had it yet.
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