Does PRP work for receding hairline?

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PRP and hair loss

PRP, if done correctly, is a great minimally invasive step to take in slowing down miniaturization and even reversing the process.  The amount, the type of PRP, how and where it is applied, how it is activated all are extremely important in its efficacy.   However, PRP does work best on miniaturized hairs and in a few months can be combined with mesenchymal stem cells to produce even more effective results. 

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PRP can help depending on the conditions

Hello. PRP can help you stop your hair line from receding by slowing down the hair loss rate. It helps the existing hair get healthier and if your dormant hair hasn't been like that for too long it can make it grow again. PRP is a great option of treatment and will definitely enhance your hair.

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In my opinion, p r p has the ability to maintain an existing hairline. It may reestablish an existing hairline  if the hair has been dormant less than 3 years. Find a PRP expert. Let them show you photos. Hope this helps. Good luck.  

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