Can someone confirm/comment from the pics below if actually 5000 grafts have been transplanted?

I recently had a FUT + FUE combo surgery with a total of 5000 grafts transplanted (4750 FUT & 250 FUE). Can experts pls tell if they look like 5000 grafts in pics below as my vertex is still empty! Doctor said that I will need one more sitting after 1 year to fill the vertex for 3000-4000 grafts. Btw he is a well known surgeon.

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If you have concerns about your surgery, it is best to ask your doctor. You can ask to see your surgical records.

If you have concerns about your surgery, it is best to ask your doctor.  You can ask to see your surgical records.

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Graft Numbers

It is not only hard to tell graft numbers by photos, but there is a more important problem in quoting graft numbers.

Since grafts in FUSS (strip surgery) are prepared by the surgical team, it becomes more important to know the hair number, than the graft number.

For example, 5000 grafts with an average of 1.5 hairs per graft makes 7500 hairs. Your transplant looks like more than that.

On the other hand, 5000 grafts with a 2.5 hair per graft average makes 12.500 hairs which is huge. You certainly didn't have this hair number.

So it becomes more important to know the hair number versus the graft number, assuming in both cases the surgeon is truthful. 

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Graft Count

It is really hard to tell by the picture how many grafts were transplanted. It is possible that you had that many grafts transplanted and it does look like you will have some great density with what was transplanted. But 5000 is a LOT of grafts I would suggest in order to know for sure.. ask your surgeon to see a copy of the grafts count on the operative report. It will say how many grafts were extracted and how many were placed. 

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Was 5000 grafts transplanted

I can not tell from these pictures. If your surgeon packed 5000 grafts into that site I am impressed as it is not something that we do

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5000 grafts by fue hair transplant along with strip

your procedure looks fine but the nomber you said is a huge one ...please share a close up HD picture for better evaluation..

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