Got 2300 grafts FUE restoration. Is it 2300? Is the process going correct after 14 days op? (Photo)

1) I have been told 2300 grafts have been transplanted I doubt whether it is 2300 or not ?? 2) it's been 14 days I got this done could you please check and advise whether it's going correct or not ? 3) there's a lil bit redness is there on the transplanted area do I need to worry 4) very minuet pain is there on the back that too if I touch at the back and I believe with time this pain is diminishing

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2300 grafts

There is still crusting present which should not be there by now. You may have a washing problem which will require more shampoo and conditionerĀ applications

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Scabs and Corn Rows

Thanks for the photos, its a shame patients focus too much on fictitious numbers, when it the actual result that matters. Like all patients they rely heavily on the honesty and ethics on the surgeon for numbers. I doubt that the number you have is right. Any scabbing from surgery should have now gone, have you been washing the area correctly? 

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