Can vertical chin height be increased with fillers?

With fillers of any kinds, can augmentation of vertical chin height be achieved? If so, to which degree?

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Osseous genioplasty

I advise you agains fillers on face in general, on the chin in particular, much less to increase the vertical heigth; you are clear candidate for an osseous vertical increas genioplasty, in the right hands with a surgeon widely experienced and with good antropometric (and aesthetic) judgement.

Normally in all the vertical increas genioplasties I perform I have to add some other slight gestures like a bit of anterior increse or backwards retrocession/reduction; it is possible to perform only vertical heigth modifications, however in 95% of vertically short chins there is a major or lesser degree of "weakness" in need of slight anterior advancement by means of sliding or bone grafting (depends the case).

Seek the opinion of a good genioplasty surgeon, and under NO circumstances you should admit shortcuts (couldn't be ever be better said, in the multiple senses of the word) like fillers or implants which would only disgrace your look and make the repair troublesome or impaired.

Spain Plastic Surgeon
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Slightly and Temporarily

Dermal fillers can slightly increase the vertical height of the chin, temporarily. They do not increase it to the degree where change in facial proportions is noticeable. It all depends on your personal case. If you want permanent and significant increase, then implants and surgery would be a way to go. You ned to consult an expert that specializes in Craniofacial Plastic Surgery and seek for an advice.

Hardik Soni, MD
Summit Emergency Medicine Physician
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Vertical chin height and fillers

Greetings. That's a great question. Facial fillers of any kind (hyaluronic acid based fillers or calcium based fillers) will increase the vertical height of the chin to some degree, although minimal. It all depends on the amount of augmentation you are interested in and your baseline. Vertical chin height can be altered by placing a chin implant or it can be altered by bringing your actual chin/jaw into a different position. Sometimes depending on your overall anatomy orthognathic (jaw) surgery can provide a aesthetic as well as a functional change. You might best be served by seeking out a plastic surgeon who specializes in Craniofacial Plastic Surgery, as they are most well versed in performing not only implants, but also performing surgeries on your own jaw/chin that could give you the same result without the risk that comes with chin implants.

Good Luck!

Helen Perakis, MD
Nanuet Plastic Surgeon

Chin fillers

Fillers can increase chin height a little bit but not usually enough to change facial proportions. Implants do a better job than fillers in the chin. Good luck. 

Jeffrey Jumaily, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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