Uneven waist after lipo 2 months post op? (Photo)

I had lipo on my waist and abdomen last September. I noticed right away that the left side looked less defined then the right side but was told to give it time and that it was because of bruising and swelling when I raised my concern. I did have a lot more blue bruises on my left so I dis not worry about it too much. However, the more time passes, the more apparent it gets. Is the difference due to swelling/bruising and will it get even or is this the result I am stuck with?

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Uneven waist after lipo 2 months post op?

The asymmetry you are observing may be caused by different factors. It may be caused by swelling on one side of the waist, which is a normal process that your body undergoes to heal, or it may be excess fat that could be removed by a revision procedure. 

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Asymmetric result after liposuction

Thank you for asking about your liposuction.

  • your concern is a common one -
  • You need to wait at least another 4 months to judge your final result. You are swollen.
  • In the meantime, point out your concern to your surgeon and review your photos.
  • None of us are symmetric and the asymmetry you see may reflect underlying structure as well as swelling or fat.If it is fat, a touch-up procedure can usually be done in the office.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Asymmetry after lipo

Thank you for your question. It will be helpful to see pre op pictures for comparison. It may be because of different reasons may be technique or underlying anatomy difference. Please talk to your PS at the time of follow up.

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Uneven lipo?

Thanks for this important question. Your results looks very nice overall! Congratulations. I suggest you bring up your concerns with your plastic surgeon. Asymmetry at the waistline could be due to asymmetry of the underlying muscles and bones as well as the fatty layer. Your plastic surgeon can help you determine the cause and recommend any action. A small "touch up" revision liposuction might be something to consider if the fullness is do to excess fat around 6 months after the original surgery. The recovery for touch is relatively quick. Best, Dr. ALDO :) 

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