Does this mole look A-tpyical, like a Melanoma or normal? (photos)

I am curious if this mole needs to been seen by a GP or needs to be removed. I would like the opinion of a professional online since I have anxiety with my health.

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Scalp Mole

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Thank you for your question.  Without any background information, it looks like a normal mole.  If you have a family history of melanoma I recommend a skin check by a dermatologist once yearly.  It would also be a good idea to see a dermatologist at some point to have areas of your body checked that may be difficult for you to monitor.  If the mole has enlarged, changed in color, or has any symptoms, I recommend for you to see a dermatologist.  With melanomas you are looking for the ABCDE's where A is asymmetry (not a perfect circle), B is borders (jagged borders), C is color (multiple colors or changing colors), D is diameter (bigger than the tip of a pencil eraser), and E is evolution (mole has changed).  Also, if a mole is different from every other mole on your body it is good to have it examined by a dermatologist.  I wish you the best!

Normal Head Mole

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Yes, it's a normal mole. It doesn't need to be removed unless it is becoming irritated from combing your hair. If it becomes darker or grows, then it may warrant an evaluation by a dermatologist.

Christopher Weyer, DO
Tucson Dermatologist

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