Juvederm in lip corners (lack of). Dip in corners of mouth. Does this look bad, or is it common? (photos)

I had half of a syrenge of Jevederm ultra plus 3 days ago (.3 on bottom; .2 on top) for slight volume. She didn't inject any into the corners. Do you why? It looks a little grinch like when I slightly smile with my lips closed now. Should I go back to her to add some in the corners, or will it even out naturally? I've lost some of my faith in her. Did she do a decent job? If not, I can have it removed. I need your honest opinions please. Swelling is gone.

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Lip Injections

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Your lips are still bruised and still swollen so it is impossible to assess the situation.  You need to have patience and wait two weeks to evaluate.  Best, Dr. Green

Juvederm Lip Results

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You are absolutely right that there is a discrepancy between the volume of your central lip and the corners. However, after 3 days you still have some swelling present which may make things look worse than they are. If after 2 weeks there is still a difference then you can have a little more filler added to the corners to make the tapered transition between the central lip and the corners smoother. If you have lost faith in your injector then I would recommend finding another physician injector in your area that you feel comfortable with. Worse comes to worse if you are not happy with the end result you can have the Juvederm dissolved with Hyaluronidase. Best wishes.

Michael A. Zadeh, MD, FACS
Sherman Oaks General Surgeon
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Juvederm for lips

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Your lips still look a bit swollen so it's too early to judge.  You should wait a week or two and see what things look like.  If not enough, more can be done.  If too much, enzyme can be used to remove some.

It is important to discuss your needs, wishes, recovery time constraints, and budget limits with an honest and experienced surgeon, and receive bias-free personal advice. ALWAYS consult a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, to ensure the highest standards of ethical practice and safe surgery.

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