Swelling weight gain after 360 body lift

I am 10 days removed from 360 body lift. I had 4-5 lbs of skin removed, I was fairly lean (150 lb weight loss) and Lopo suction as well. My stomach and abdomen look awesome, however my love handles and back have become swollen and my inner thighs are swollen as well. I saw dr and he said he expected this as be did a lot of undermining and Lypo as well. I am up about 10 lbs post surgery. I assume this is all normal and will subside, but wanted to see what is typical.

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Recovering After Lower Body Lift in Melbourne, Florida

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Recovering from a lower body lift takes time. My Melbourne, Florida, body lift patients have many of the same concerns; however, thankfully with time all of these things tend to resolve on their own. Definitely follow closely with your board-certified plastic surgeon. I hope this information is helpful to you. Best of luck!

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Swelling and weight gain post surgery

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This is very normal. You need to give it time to settle down and don't weigh yourself at this point. Concentrate on recovering and you will get there.

Swelling normal after surgery

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Swelling after surgery is normal for several months, certainly at 10 days is no time to be concerned. Listen to your doctor and take a deep breath and step back. You chose your surgeon for a reason, do not second guess their advice at 10 days!  

You  will not see your final result for a minimum of 4 months and it may take much longer. Congrats on your weight loss and this exciting next step.  

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Swelling and Weight Gain Common after Liposuction and Body Lift #lowerbodylift #liposuction

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  • I tell my body lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction patients not to weigh themselves for many weeks after their operations.
  • When your body undergoes a major operation, its response is to hold on to fluids.
  • Therefore, with the edema (swelling) that is expected with major operations, your weight will definitely go up.
  • With time, your body will rid itself of this excess fluid, and your weight will return to less than what it was pre-operatively due to the excess fat and skin that was removed during your procedure. 
  • Hang in there, and be patient!

Body lifting

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To have this kind of weight gain after your extensive surgery is completely normal. I tell my liposuction and body lifting patients to not even get on scales for several weeks because swelling is so heavy. It seems to be a mental compulsion to weigh yourself when you have been working so hard to lose weight. Resist the temptation and enjoy your new shape as the swelling [and pounds] slowly disappear. Good luck.

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