How Soon Can I Tell if my Vision Will Be Affected by Botox?

Hello, I got a total of 40 units 6 days ago.10 in the forehead for lines, 26 inbetween the eye brows to prevent frown lines,and roughly a unit or two at most near the eyebrows to create an arch. I have bad anxiety and originally was concerned about a vascular occulsion,Ive been told Im in the clear on that now.Now im concerned since its not a full 2 weeks what if I get blurry or double vision,when would it show/would I know? I feel a slight ache/pressure around my eyes but no vision change yet

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Botox and vision

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It would be HIGHLY unlikely for you to suffer any visual disturbances from a cosmetic Botox injection - but always refer back to your provider for reassurances and visit their website for any and all potential side effects.

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Complications from Botox injections

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At this point, there is minimal risk of complications from your previous Botox injections.  Vascular occlusion would be a very rare complication from neurotoxin injections. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Visual changes are extremely rare from Botox and are temporary

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It sounds like you have been reading too much and are a bit confused.  Vascular occlusion does not happen with Botox, but only with fillers (extremely rare as well).  Changes in vision are mostly related to the Botox migrating to the extraocular muscles.  This leads to double vision, which is temporary.  How this happens is when the injection is too close to the eye and with alot of volume so there is diffusion.  I've also heard that people who have had strabismus in the past are more susceptible to this problem.  In any event, it is so rare it should not be a concern.  Also, getting a drop of Botox in the eye can lead to pupil issues, so closing you eyes during injection is also a good idea.  

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Will my vision be affected by Botox

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You need to stop being concerned, and perhaps, and I say this kindly, stop reading things online. Your Botox is fine at this point. Botox is a neuromodulator that's been done for over 20 years and millions of successful treatments. The number of issues that happen is extremely small. I've been injecting Botox for nearly 20 years. I don't have patients who had blurry or double vision. Stop reading horror stories online; enjoy that you look good.

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