My Two Front Teeth Were Fitted with Veneers 6 Months Ago but Now They Have Started to Look Darker Than my Other Teeth Any Info?

My Two Front Teeth Were Fitted with Veneers 6 Months Ago but Now They Have Started to Look Darker Than my Other Teeth Any Info?

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Some cements change color over time

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There are some brands of cement that change color over time, so have your dentist check them out.  Some brands are more color stable than others...


There are other reasons for discoloration as well, so you should have your dentist look into this.  If it is a grey line along the gum line, then that is a different story (possible moisture contamination during cementation), so see your dentist asap.  

Veneers Looking Darker Than Natural Teeth

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If you feel like your veneers are looking darker you definitely should have them checked as that is not normal.  If the teeth had root canals done there could be some internal discoloration occuring that is showing through.  Porcelain does not discolor but can pick up stain on the surface which is easily removed by polishing.

Many reasons why teeth can turn dark

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If the teeth were normal color prior to the veneers, then there are two main possible reasons. 1) the cement used was not an adequate veneer cement. Veneer cements should be light cured not dual cured. Some older dual cured (mix two pastes) can change color. If the veneers are very thin, as most are, this will show through. Light cured cements tend to be more stable. Also, when the veneers are cemented in, the teeth get dehydrated and look whiter. After a few days of rehydration with saliva they will return to normal color. If your teeth were darker prior to the veneers, its possible that they looked good at try-in (dehydrated) but after a few days, they looked darker (rehydrated).

2) the nerve has died from the trauma of the veneer procedure. This can be tested by using a pulp tester or a cotton pellet with cold spray.

Another possibility is improper cementation technique which is filtering particles under the veneers. This goes back to the first reason.

Unfortunately, once cemented, veneers generally need to be cut off and re-made. If you are not happy, I recommend you go back and have them re-done at no charge. This is not your fault since the color change happened after you left the office.

Hope this helps

Dr. T

Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist

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veneers have changed color

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Veneers have changed color for several reasons . Here are a few:

  • Cement color is not stable
  • Leakage when bonding
  • Nerve necrosis 
  • Previous root canal

You need to check on them as soon as you can.

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

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