My Teeth Are Not Visible when I Smile. What Can I Do?

I have some problem which makes it impossible for me to show my teeth while smiling and i am left with an awkward uncomfortable smile.

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Teeth don't show in smile.

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I would recommend that you go have some orthodontic consultations with ADA recognized orthodontic specialists and explain to them how you see the problem and exactly what bothers you.  It may be that your teeth are located too high up in the jaw relative to the lip commisure (parting line) and therefore do not show when the mouth is slightly open in a relaxed lip posture.    It may be that the upper front teeth need to be moved downward to get them to show more.  If the lower teeth are in the way they would also have to be moved downward to get them out of the way of the uppers.  These are fairly difficult and demanding movements for the orthodontist and not all orthodontists can do this.  If they think they can do it ask them to see pictures of similar cases that they personally have treated and see if it looks like your problem.  look at their treated cases and  see if you like the results.  If they can show you that they have treated similar cases and you like what they did that may be the right doctor for you.  The case needs to be VERY WELL planned out and sometimes these treatments even require jaw surgery to get the results you want.  

Phoenix Orthodontist

Need to see your smile

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I think I would have to see your smile to know what could be done to improve it. Feel free to post a picture, otherwise you should go see an orthodontist and maybe an oral surgeon

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

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