My Upper Third Molar is Missing, Is it Possible to Close this Gap with Braces?

Hello my upper first molar was removed one week ago. I want to know If is possible to fill the space with second molar using braces. I dont have a 3rd molar. Can this be possible? Am I going to have a problem after If I do this? I have read that 70% of biting is done on the first molar. I have been thinking and I dont want an implant or bridge (think both options are agressive) Thanks a lot Cami

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Can a first molar space be closed with braces?

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Given enough time and patience, there it very little that cannot be achieved with braces. Having said that, just because something may be possible theoretically doesn't mean it is a good idea. The space left by a first molar is about the size of two bicupsids. The treatmetn time to close it will be twice the time of closing a normal bicuspid extraction space. When I was young and adventurous I attempted to close the first molar spaces in a teanaged girl. Her treatment dragged on for more that four years. In retrospect, neither she nor I felt it was worth doing. I recently broke the crown off of one of my own teeth and it had to be extracted. I opted for an implant and I can tell you that it is really no big deal. The implant procedure was quick, easy, and painless. Just because you might be able to find an orthodontist who will attempt to close your space doesn't mean it is a good idea. Good luck!

Albuquerque Orthodontist

Can a Second Molar Be Moved Into an Extracted First Molar's Space?

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This is a very aggressive orthodontic movement that is time consuming and unpredictable. A much better treatment would be to leave the second molar in its ideal position and replace the missing first molar with an implant and crown. Placing an implant is much more predictable, practical, faster and probably less expensive too.

Good luck!

Can you move second molars forward to replace first molar?

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Although the first molar is the biggest tooth in the mouth we have successfully moved the second molar forward to replace can take a lot of time and many other factors should be considered...check with an orthodontist and see if you are a candidate

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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