Will my Teeth Relapse After Braces Are Off?

I have an overbite and an open bite. After the braces come off, how do I know the teeth won't try to go back to where they were before? During treatment, they have been really stubborn, wanting to go back to an overbite/openbite as soon as elastics are taken off and I'm worried I'm just doing all of this to have it relapse in the end.

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Retainers are your friend!

I agree that you should first consult with your dentist on what he/she says about how they plan to prevent relapse in your case.

But it is also important to wear your retainers as much as possible after your treatment. I say this to all of my ortho patients. It might seem silly at first, but it pays off in the long run because it helps protect all that hard work you went through!

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Teeth move without retainers

Generally speaking, if a person does NOT wear retainers after orthodontic care, teeth will move.  Probably not back to the beginning, but not where they were when treatment ended.

Some conditions are more unpredictable, including open bites.  The cause must be addressed, so if habits that caused the open bite remain, you can count on a relapse.  Causes include thumb sucking, tongue thrusts, nervous habits, etc.

Retention (retainers) is important, but it may be more complicated than just that.

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Relapse after correction?

Some problems are difficult to correct and have a high relapse potential....open bites are particularly bad.  It is not a good sign that your bite relapses as soon as elastics are discontinued since you certainly will not be using elastics with your retainers.  Every problem is different so ask your doctor what he/she will be doing to minimize your relapse potential

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
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