My Skin Changed for the Worse Soon After IPL. Is my Skin Possibly Damaged from the IPL? (photo)

Been getting IPL 3x year for the last 6 years for Rosacia. It has worked well to keep the flareups and redness to a minimum. However, this past summer I had an unusually painful IPL, the doctor turned the setting way up and he told me it would help regenerate collagen better. It left me swollen and bruised for a couple days. A month or so later I noticed the skin around the temples had changed to a soft mushy texture with bumps (It used to be smooth.) Also fine lines on my face in odd places.

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IPL for rosacea? Instead, use the V-Beam for Rosacea

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I have seen skin damaged by IPL treatments. I had an IPL in my office and quickly determined lasers are far safer and more effective for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. For rosacea or broken veins of the face use the V-beam laser. It is the gold standard for rosacea and facial veins

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