My right eyebrow is lower than my left eyebrow & it has more eyelid skin. What can be done to fix it? What causes it? (photo)

It looks like I'm raising one eyebrow, but I'm not. I’m extremely self-conscious about the way I look. I can’t afford to get anything done, hoping one day I'll be able to. I was never the "cool kid" in school & have always had low self-esteem. I look at my pictures when I was a kid & my eyes weren't like that, so if people thought I was ugly then, I can only imagine what they think now. I just want to feel pretty, but unfortunately can’t afford anything & don’t think I’m ever going to be "pretty". What can be done to fix that? What can cause it?

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Eyebrow asymmetry and upper eyelid ptosis

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You do have eyebrow asymmetry which is very common. You also have a droop or ptosis of your right upper eyelid. You should seek a consultation with an eyelid plastic surgeon. Make sure that they recognize that you have an eyelid droop and that they are experienced in ptosis repair. If they are not seek a second or third opinion.

You have a marked asymmetry between the height of your eyebrows.

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You also have a ptosis of the right upper eyelid.  Some of this may be due to the heaviness in the upper eyelid on this side from the low bro weighing down the lid.  You should see an oculoplastic surgeon to determine if you have a true ptosis or pseudoptosis.  When you are able to afford it, you can have the right brow lifted to make your look more symmetrical.  

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