My Retainer Hurts Like Hell! Is This Normal?

I wore braces for two years. Last june my dentist took them off and gave me a retainer. A clear one. I forgot to wear it for the past two months and last night I did and it hurt like hell. Like seriously as if I had a surgery in my mouth. And when I woke up in the morning, my upper retainer was on the floor so I suppose it was kind of loose because of my teeth's shape. Should I go see my dentist?

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Teeth move if you don't wear a retainer

Yes, this is normal if you don't wear a retainer for an extended period of time.  If you are diligent with wearing it now, the teeth may go back to where they were after a few days, but it is possible that they won't.  You may need orthodontics again, but it likely won't take as long to get the teeth straight again, the lion's share of work was already done.


Yes, go see your dentist.

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