My Canine Tooth in Front of Other Teeth. How Can They Go Back in the Right Place? (photo)

I am 46 years old. Already as a little my canine tooth was a little crooked. As the years go by that tooth protruded more and more ahead of other teeth. Otherwise the tooth is healthy, but it bothered me on the lips and I can not laugh. In what way can it be repaired at the dentist?Thank you in advance.

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Tooth in front of another

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A good oral exam and x-rays can make sure that the bone and no extra teeth are present.

The Dr will plan the best treatment for you. You might want to  explore invisalign .

it looks like about 12 to 18 months of trays for you and will also help as a retainer when finished. You also can whiten your teeth while using the trays

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Correcting crooked front tooth

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The tooth you're referring to is actually a lateral incisor.  It is very possible to fully correct this tooth's position.  There are several modern appliances that would work for this; braces, certainly, and possibly also clear aligners like Invisalign.  Don't worry about your age; many adults get orthodontics, and correcting your bite will allow you to smile confidently for the rest of your life.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

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