My post op bra is hurting my breast. I'm 5 days post op. How can I stop the pain?

I had 560cc's inserted on the 23/5/2014 all went well tonight on the 28/5/2014 I am getting pain in my left breast where the bruising and swelling is, where my post op bra is rubbing under my breast. I'm wondering if it would make a difference if I slept without my post op bra on for one night (up right of course) until I see the Dr tomorrow or would this move my implants? I'm taking panadine forte at night for pain relief, I'm in need of advise, please help thank you

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Talk to surgeon about new bra

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Your bra should not be causing you pain. Ask your surgeon about getting a larger size or different fit. Your bra should only support and compress your breasts, but it should be comfortable.

Pain after augmentation

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Check with your plastic surgeon, but if you having pain from the bra it's probably ok to remove it at this point.

Hopefully you've already seen your surgeon

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but when you have concerns in the acute post-op period, you should be able to contact your surgeon easily with any of your concerns.  If you are experiencing changes in the breast itself, it is urgent to see your surgeon immediately. 

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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New pain and swelling 5 days after breast augmentation needs to be checked by your plastic surgeon

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I agree that you should not allow the bra to be so tight that it is causing you pain.  My concern however since this is a change at 5 days and your breast is more swollen, bruised and painful is to make certain that you do not have a hematoma.  It is important that you see her plastic surgeon for an examination and decision about wearing your bra.  However in the meantime I would suggest you loosen the bra so it does not hurt you.

Pain from bra after breast implants

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You definitely should not tolerate pain from a bra - it isn't good for you after surgery.
  • You can remove the bra  or
  • You can cut the bra elastic to release the pressure,
  • If you are going to remove the bra, it is best to discuss this first with your surgeon.
  • If you cannot reach her/him, then do what is needed to relieve the pain. Best wishes.


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The best person to answer that is your surgeon as he/she knows exactly what was done and what might need support....or not.
The vast majority of the time in my practice, the patient can choose to wear a bra or is only comfort related. Having said that, on very infrequent occassions I may insist they keep the bra on at ALL times to offer constant pressure/support on the inframammary fold.
Best to check with your surgeon.

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