Is It Possible to Do an Umbilicoplasty with Upper Abdomen Muscle Repair Through the Belly Button Incision Alone?

I have had a mini tummy tuck 2 months ago, my muscles were supp to be tightened all the way as infmd before surgery but my upper ab muscles were not, they are still lax especially when sitting or bending down. my ps attempted to but as my skin was too thin from previous vaser lipo with another surgeon, my ps didn't manage Tighten them. Am now considering an umbilicoplasty to correct my belly button and hopefully repair the upper ab muscles as well. Thanks in advance for any advise.

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Mini tummy tuck an dmuscle repair

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It would be somewhat difficult to repair all the muscle through right through to the breast bone through just an umbilical incision.  One would be able to repair the some of the muscle however not the entire length.  You would need a larger incision to gain access to all the muscle. If you have some upper fullness it may be also that you have some excess fat in the area which is contributing.  This is difficult to differentiate without an examination.

Umbilicoplasty and muscle plication

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During mini-tummy tuck, excess lower abdominal skin/fat is removed and lower abdominal muscle is tightened.  Although upper abdominal muscle can be tightened, this is challenging and may require endoscopic technique, thus not routinely done.   I do not think that upper abdominal muscle tightening can be done via umbilicoplasty incision.  It would be very hard to elevate the skin flap and to visualize from the  limited incision.

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