My Left Ear Feels As Tho Under Water and Cannot Clear, 6 Days After Neck Surgery, Have Told Doc, Have Appt Mon Morning?

sharp pain , is it ok to wait and keep using ice paks etc ....?

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Blocked ear canal after a facelift

The most likely cause of your problem is  some dried blood in your ear canal.  During surgery a plug is usually placed in the ear canal to try to prevent this from happening.  You should see your surgeon as soon as possible and may need to have your ear canal gently irrigated out to remove any clotted blood and trapped fluid.   

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Ear pain after necklift

During neck lift surgery, it is not uncommon for the surgeon to place a cotton ball in the ear canal. Despite this, blood can still get inside the canal and give you the "blocked" sensation. If it is significantly painful, though, you should see your surgeon. It is possible that you have an ear infection, but of more concern would be if you developed a hematoma / blood collection in front of the ear. This requires early surgical drainage. Please seek medical attention.

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Ear problem after neck surgery

The most likely explanation is that you have some dried blood in your ear canal but you should have an examination with an auroscope to make sure there is no problem with your ear drum.

You should see your surgeon or family doctor to have your ear canal examined.

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Ear Pain

Hello there 

Ears may feel blocked after a necklift due to the swelling in the area .

It should not be painful though . If it is painful then I think you would be wise to seek medical attention . It doesn't necessarily have to be your surgeon ; a family physician can check if you have an ear infection .

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