Is my Hair Transplant Ruined? Some Grafts Disappeard After 6-7 Days?

HI, I've noticed that some of the hair grafts have disappeared just one week after my hair transplant. Is this normal. I'm worried now that the procedure hasn't work or that I've done something wrong. People say that's what planted there for first 48 hours are paramount. I can see the hairless skin now and it looks like nothing is there. What's planted there surely after 5 days bulb etc, must be quiet strong by then? Thanks,

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Graft shedding

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Grafts shed somewhere between 5 days - 3 weeks. There is nothing to worry about as these grafts will grow at about 6 months. Shedding is normal

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Loss of Grafts After Hair Transplant

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It is normal for the scabs to flake off at 7 days post-surgery. And with them, the transplanted hair may also come off. However, the follicles should have taken root by this point and will begin to grow in about 4 months.

Sanusi Umar, MD
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Hair grafts disappear after one week after surgery.

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You say that your "grafts" have disappeared. The graft should not disappear, but the hair within the follicle usually does fall out after a week or so following hair transplantation. I'm surprised your surgeon didn't tell you that.

Generally the hair falls out and the follicle goes into a dorment stage until the 3-4 month, then you can feel and see some of the hairs starting to grow. About 50% will grow by six months and about 95% in a year. Maximum density will be at about 18 months. But at 6 months you should be seeing an increase in hair density, and at 9 months it should start looking very good. Still, it gets better with more time.

Be patient. It will be worth the wait.

Disppearing Hair Transplant

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The transplanted hair will have scabs that will disappear.  The hair itself will fall out but the root will still be present and hair will regrow over 6-9 months. All should be fine.

Dr. ES

Lost and Found (After Transplant)

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You're not the first person who has wondered about lost follicles at this juncture...myself included!  But it its true that after 72 hours, the follicles are situated well and it would take a lot to remove them. The shafts of hair and possible scabby litttle casts that may come out at this point are usually not the important, germ cells needed to sprout new hair, so you should really be OK.

 Good luck,  I hope that helps.


Dr John Frank, MD

John E. Frank, MD
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Grafts disappearing after 6-7 days

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It is normal for transplanted hairs to shed starting about a week after surgery and continuing over the next several weeks. The hair shafts often shed along with the scabs as they loosen and fall off.  This does not mean that the follicle is lost.  The follicle should start to regenerate a new hair shaft somewhere in the 3-6 month time frame.  Patience is key.

All the best,

Nothing to worry about

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This is quite normal, and expected. Most people will lose some or all of the transplanted hair within the first month or so. BUT, the follicles will have mostly taken hold within the first 2-3 days, so around 3 months you will start to sprout little "baby" hairs and by 6-9 months your hair will all start to really fill in. 

Disappearing grafts does not mean your hair transplant is ruined.

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Disappearing grafts does not mean your hair transplant is ruined.  You must understand that even in the most ideal circumstances you will lose a few grafts.  Even if you don't lose any grafts, not all the transplanted grafts will grow out.  Nothing is 100% except as they say death and taxes.

Jae Pak, MD
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Hair transplant success

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 The natural and expected shedding of hair after a transplant can be anxiety producing, as what looked initially like success can appear to now be failure. Usually after three or four days if the follicule has taken it should do fine even if it now sheds its hair. A new hair should soon emerge but the proccess may take a few weeks. If the follicules did not take well for whatever reason than there will be no hair growth or thin hair growth and you will know soon enough.

Is my Hair Transplant Ruined? Some Grafts Disappeard After 6-7 Days?

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 Yes, it is normal for a small percentage of the hair transplants to go quiet after they are transplanted.  These will start to grow in one of the subsequent hair growth cycles within the next year.  If you have any specific questions, it's best to discuss these with your hair transplant surgeon.

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