What is Best Way to Remove Grafts Without Causing Scarring from Hairline? 800 Grafts Were Used (photo)

Little density since procedure and further recession. Some larger grafts placed too close to hairline and in hairline and others misangled where looks like grafts are pressing into the skin. I want to just shave my head now without odd skin or big hairs in front nor pitted look or scaring. Want to just be free from chasing and trying to keep up with hairloss and look normal with a shaved head. Along with trying to help the scar in back, any recommendations are welcome.

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Best way to remove grafts without causing a scar is just plucking them out.

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Best way to remove grafts without causing a scar is just plucking them out.  While this is not permanent, if you do it enough, the hairs will not grow back.  If you try to extract it out with the FUE method, you will have a tiny "dot" scar.  If you try to laser it off, the laser will not be able to target the exact hairs you may want out. Electrolysis can also work but it can also leave a scar (albeit, much less than the FUE scar)

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Removing grafts

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This can sometimes be done with FUE tools like Neograft or Alphagraft.  Often we like to test remove a few before doing a full case to make sure the healing goes well with minimal scarring.  Overall a no scar solution is not always possible. 

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
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Removing grafts from a hair line

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This can be done with an FUE instrument in the hairline targeting the larger grafts that you don't like which can be removed and relocated elsewhere

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Removing Grafts without Scarring

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Laser hair removal may be an option, or you might consider having the grafts removed through the FUE method, which uses a one-millimeter punch. This procedure does, however, produce tiny scars. The FUE scarring could be addressed through laser skin treatments, with something like the Fraxel laser, if you wish to be able to shave your head completely bald. That said, laser hair removal for transplanted hair can disappoint. Some have reported better success with electrolysis. Again these should be entered with the understanding that the results might not meet expectations. Even FUE may take many sessions.
If the 800 grafts are not placed too forward, and since you intent to shave your head, another potential solution is to actually grafts softer hair in a more natural pattern around the area. I have used this approach successfully in numerous patients.

Sanusi Umar, MD
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Remove grafts

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The grafts look pretty good from these pictures. Maybe consider additional work. If you want them removed, you might consider laser hair removal of selected areas of your scalp.

Sometimes FUE grafting can partailly disguise a linear donor scar. If you are planning a completely shaved look, you might also consider laser treament to lessen any residual donor scarring.

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

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