Can my Front Tooth Be Filed Down? (photo)

I can not afford veneers and those type of things. I got a retainer to straighten them out, and the orthodontist said he will file down the longer front tooth. I am 16 years old. i also want him to file the sharp tooth at the right. He already filed the longer front tooth a little, but said he will do more when my front teeth get fully straight.

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Can my Front Tooth Be Filed Down?

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It is safe to file teeth down, but no more then 0.5mm. In general, enamel, which is the hardest substance in your body, on outside of your teeth usually has a thickness of about 1mm. In order to prevent wear down and cavities we should have no less then .5mm of enamel.

Filing front teeth

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Filing your front teeth can really help with their appearance. I find it common that a patient's teeth need smoothing after orthodontics. It is much better to wait until everything is lined up as your orthodontist suggested. Then you will know where and how much to file. The difference in appearance can be dramatic with just a little recontouring. Veneers would certainly not be needed. You will have a great smile when your work is done.  

Thomas R. Froning, DDS
Littleton Dentist

Filing your teeth

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You can file your teeth to haev them result in the same length.  I'm actually a little surprised by your photos that the orthodontist didnt better align them in the first place. You really dont want to file teeth too much because they can become sensitive.  Your teeth actuallyneeds recontouring to get a better more natural tooth appearance.  They are very flat and square shaped and should be a little more rounded on the ends.  See a cosmetic dentist for the recontouring.  I agree that you do not need veneers, especially at the age of 16!!  Your general dentist can also most likely do the recontouring for you. 

Keith Blankenship, DDS
Jacksonville Dentist

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Can my front tooth be filed down?

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The answer is "yes".  We refer to the procedure as cosmetic contouring.  As long as the amount of tooth structure stays in the enamel and does not go deep into the dentin.  Many patients contour their teeth on a regular basis without doing porcelain veneers. Good Luck!  Dr. David Frey

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