Options to Fill Gap Around Sharp Canine Tooth? (photo)

What are the most cost-effective options to cosmetically improve my canine tooth--it's turned out slightly and has a gap on either side of it. What would be a reasonable price to pay for these procedures?

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Options to fill gap around sharp canine tooth

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Thanks for providing us with the photos.  The spacing is too big for bonding or a veneer.  I would consider invisalign to close the spaces or multiple veneers to change your smile.

Options to Fill Gap around sharp canine

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The easiest way to fill spaces around a sharp is with porcelain veneers.  Its quick and will look completely natural.  Many times you will need to do more than one porcelain veneer to make it look right.  The will depend on each individual dentist

Orthodontics can be the best choice to close gaps in front teeth in healthy mouth.

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You have beautiful teeth. Orthodontics (Braces or possibly Invisalign) would be the best, long term and most conservative option for you. The gap on either side is too wide to fill with either composite or porcelain veneers, which if done, would make your tooth appear very wide.
Another short term (or a quick fix) option, which may also be cost effective, would be having a very good cosmetic dentist add a bonding/composite veneer just to cover part of the gap that is on the front of the tooth. Well done composite bonding would make the tooth `appear’ straighter.
Again, orthodontics would be the best for you in my opinion.

Hema Patel, DDS
Fremont Dentist

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