I Have a Dental Crown with Post. How Difficult to Remove the Post?

I have a dental crown with post in the upper teeth which need to be removed due to decay or it is longer can be saved. My fear is how difficult is it to remove the post and what can happen if there is a fracture afterward what is the treatment for the fracture if it ever happened. Thank you

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Removing post and crown

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It is hard and sometimes impossible to remove a post. They were put in to stay. You can have a fracture of the tooth while trying to remove the post and also afterwards since the root is usually weak from the previous root canal and now the post removal. The treatment for a fracture is extraction followed by a bridge or implant. I would talk to your dentist and really consider the long term prognosis for this tooth. It may be wise to save your money and not try something questionable and put it towards something with a greater chance of success. 

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