My Right Eye is Closing More and More, is There Any Treatment That Works for This? (photo)

What Can I Do About my Facial Asymmetry? I am 43 years old and I have had this eye asymmetry since my late 20s/early 30s, though it has really worsened rapidly in the last few years. I have been to various doctors over the last 15 years and they all say Botox will sort it, however I have tried that at least a dozen times now but without any success, sometimes it even made the problem worse! I have also tried H/A injections under the eyebrow to lift it and various other firming treatments such as Intracel, fractora, IPL etc without success.

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Right eye ptosis na be treated by surgery only

You will need to have full evaluation by a ophtamologist and plastic surgeon. The use of Botox is contra indicated in your case. There are many  causes for ptosis your surgeon can help you to choose the correct treatment.

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Droopy eyelid

It appears you have ptosis of the right upper eyelid and some asymmetry of the brow. There are lots of causes, which should be sorted out before recommending treatment.  In most cases where it has occurred over a long period, a straight forward surgery to shorten the muscle that raises the eyelid can be performed (ptosis repair).  I would see an oculoplastic surgeon in your area for a proper work up.

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