Will my Chin Implant Be Big Enough?

Im getting Ramirez button chin implant which has the dimensions 40mm x 25mm x 4mm. The 4mm is the amount it is projected by. Will it change the appearance of my chin from the front view? My PS said it would add some length to my face & make chin more defined, but I'm worried that a 4mm wont be enough to add length to my face in the chin area. Ive seen pictures where the before & afters both have no chin definition from the front. From the front, my chin is almost flat inline with my jaw. Thanks!

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Chin implant size

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It is difficult to give you advice without seeing photos or performing an exam. WIth a chin augmentation, the most noticeable difference is generally with the side profile. The best size implant to use really depends on the patient, and the surgery will be customized to meet their individual needs. I would recommend communicating your concerns to your surgeon, and let him or her know your exact goals for the surgery and what is important to you. This is essential for obtaining a result you are happy with. I hope this helps, and good luck! 

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Choosing Chin Implant Sizes

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Without an examination or photos it is hard to answer your question re: size adequacy. A wide range of chin implants with multiple sizes and dimensions are available, depending on the patient's needs and goals. These implants vary in their dimensions and are made of different materials. The proper selection of the correct size and type of implant by your plastic surgeon is critical for you to achieve the look you want

The technique I prefer is to have the patient bring in photos or else image themselves in profile with their intended size. In the majority of cases for a male the most balanced chin profile is determined with your chin at 90 degrees to your neck (neutral position). The most balanced size is determined by dropping a vertical line from your lower lip for a woman and the upper lip for a man that meets your chin. I use sizers during surgery and have different implant choices available so I know in advance how my patient will look after surgery.

It is very important to select a highly-skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon, such as one of our doctors, to aid you in selecting the implants and insertion methods that will give you the best possible resultChin augmentation most often is used to restore balance to the face due to a weak chin (under projecting in profile) so the frontal view does not show a significant difference in most cases.. This disproportion of facial structures of having a small chin tends to make the nose look larger and results in a poor jaw/neckline. As it doesn't support the neck skin often it causes skin to hang done from the upper neck and can lead eventually to a "turkey waddle" deformity. Chin implants can also create a wider, stronger chin. It can also be used to lengthen the face slightly. The augmentation is performed with a sterile, biologically inert implant (such as silicone or Medpor) which is placed over the bone of the lower jaw so it feels like your real chin and not like a separate implant.


Chin Shape Change with Central Button Style Implant

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The use of a button style chin implant is used almost exclusively in women. This is because the implant only augments the center of the chin and not the sides, giving the chin a more triangular look rather than a round or more square look. That style of chin implant amde of medpor has a maximal projection size of 4mms. If the implant is placed low enough on the chin bone and secured, it can add length which will make the chin have more of a soft point...which ios most idela in women.

Chin Implant Sizing Options

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The proper chin sizing needs to be done under examination as the chin size is picked out by the differing needs of each patient and their facial structure. I would further discuss your concerns and questions with your surgeon prior to your procedure. Some surgeons may order implants per case while others like myself keep a full stock of multiple sizes and dimensions.  I would make sure your surgeon has options for your procedure. I use a digital imaging computer during chin augmentation consultations which allows me to show the proposed projection if your surgeon has that available this may be helpful in adding to your discussion. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Size of the chin implant

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Typically, we have to look at a side profile view to determine the amount of extra projection that a small chin needs, and whether this can be done with an implant, or whether a genioplasty is required.  Perhaps if you post a photo, I can give you some better advice.

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