Will my Breasts Round out More After Augmentation? Will I Need a Lift if a Revision is Done? (photos)

I am quite unhappy with the size of my breasts! I was a deflated 32C (according to my Victoria Secret bras) pre-op and had Mentor 350 cc moderate profile plus silicone implants placed dual plane. My breasts do not look normal to me. They don't look round. They are more cone shaped, especially when I bend over. I am 5 1/2 wks post op and just feel they are not full enough at all. Will they round out more? And will they fluff??? If not and I go with 450 cc will I need a lift?

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Should I Get Bigger Implants?

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  Dear angeez,  Thank you for submitting photos, it is helpful. I do not think a bigger implant alone will accomplish what you are seeking. However, I think you are very good candidate for a periareolar  mastopexy (donut lift). The incision is around your areola and heals very nicely. This will tighten your breast tissue envelope and also diminish your areolar diameter. If you want to go a bit bigger with your implant you can do that at the same time as well. Good luck.

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Upper Pole Fullness or Round Perky Breast But Not Both

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From your photos it appears your situation is mostly high implants. It appears if they were lowered, and maybe larger, you would be fine. You may loose a little of the upper pole fullness but this is a worthy tradeoff. I would do a periareolar lift only if you wanted small breast size.

James Romano, MD
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Unfortunately, without a complete history and physical exam and through pre operative photography there is not enough information to make an informed plan, please consult your surgeon or another local board certified plastic surgeon

Do I Need a Lift?

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I am sorry that you are having difficulty with your final shape following breast augmentation.  Based on your pictures it appears that you have mild ptosis, or droop, giving you the "cone" shape to your breasts.  Also, the diameter of your nipple areolar complexes are a bit wide.  A larger implant which you suggested is going to further dilate the size of your nipple areolar complexes and will only partially correct the droop.  You are an excellent candidate for an around the nipple, circumareolar mastopexy which can be done with a very faint scar placed at the transition between the areolar skin and the breast skin and should heal very nicely.   It will also decrease the diameter of the nipple areolar complex which will better balance your breasts.

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