What Can I Do If My Orginal Plastic Surgeon Will Not Give Me a Revision? (photo)

I had breast augmentation oct 23, 2012. My surgeon went with mentor mod profile, 350 cc silicone implants under the muscle. I had little breast tissue before and i wanted to achive a natural, even look.with the measurements that my doctor took i had very little uneveness he told me. I have no preop pictures. After surgery i noticed that this was an unsuccesful procedure. I had 4 visits since oct and he wont fix his surgery. He will not return my messages. Please help this is ruining my life

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Revision after plastic surgery

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Yes you will need some type of revisional surgery.  In my practice I perform revisions for free with the first year of surgery if warranted.  I am sorry your doctor left you high and dry, but your only option is to find a doctor who is familiar with breast augmentation revisional surgery and have them do the repair.

Doctor won't respond

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From your pictures, it is obvious that you will need a breast revision.  I don't know why your doctor won't respond to you.  I think that stinks but I see it sometimes in my practice.  A patient has a complication or a bad result and suddenly their doctor is unavailable.  It is in the doctor's best interest to try to work with you and make you a happy patient.  Happy patients refer more patients.  Unhappy patients can make life miserable for you.  Still, if your doctor will not respond then your only other option is to see someone else.  Obviously, you won't be recommending your first doctor to any of your friends if hiding is his approach to handling problems!

Edwin C. Pound, III, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Possible revision

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I am sorry that you are experiencing some concern over your result.  You do have some asymmetry in your photos.  It would be helpful to review your preop photos to be able to assess your native (pre-existing) asymmetry.  Many surgeons will not consider a revision prior to 6 months.  Also, the costs associated with a revision vary between surgeons and their agreements with their patients.  If you and your surgeon agree to move forward with a revision at some point, you may incur costs associated with anesthesia, hospital fees, and/or a new implant purchase.  He or she may or may not totally waive the surgeon fee.  But, I would suggest starting with another face to face consult and ask to review your pre and post op photos so that you both can objectively talk about your result and what you want improved. 

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