Why Do my Braces Brackets Keep Hitting Each Other?

I just got braces and, my back molars can't touch on either the left or right side. I can't close my bite because the brackets keep hitting each other. I can't eat any solids (NOT due to pain, due to my not being able to close my bite). My top right canine also hits the bracket of the tooth right underneath it. It's very painful and my mouth (which previously had a perfect bite) is being forced to bite down very crooked. Is this normal, or did my dentist do something wrong?

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Your teeth are crooked

Without seeing photos, I can't really say much.  However, there MUST have been a reason to put braces ON, so odds are your teeth are crooked.  Despite a perception that all teeth are touching at the same time, this does NOT mean you have or had a perfect bite.  If your teeth are crooked, then your bite is NOT perfect.

When brackets are placed, it is common that biting down will lead to teeth hitting brackets.  Until the teeth move, this will happen.  It is common to place "bumpers" or devices to allow the front teeth ONLY to touch, allowing the back teeth to align quicker and protect the brackets from being bitten off.  After a month or two, teeth will begin to align, allowing for a better bite.

Go back to your dentist and share your concerns.  I am sure they can explain the plan and help out.

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