Are Muscle Spasms in Forehead After Botox Treatment for Migraine Normal?

I had my first Botox treatment for migraines two months ago. The areas treated on my forehead were along the hairline and between the brows. One of the sideeffects was smoothing out of the center of the forehead but not the surprise lines above the brows. Almost 2 months after treatment I began to experience involuntary muscle spasms above the brows and now between the brows. The spasms can also be triggered by rubbing/pressing the forehead. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Botox and the effect of adjacent untreated muscles

There are occasions in which the muscles that are not treated try to overcompensate for the activity which the treated muscles can't accomplish. This can cause a Mr. Spock eyebrow in some cases. 

If there are muscles that are treated that are now having episodes of spasm, it may be that the Botox is wearing off and the muscle is trying to do its normal activity from which it had been prevented from doing while the Botox was in effect.

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Muscle spasms in forehead after Botox for migraines

Well if the muscle spasms are occurring in places that weren't injected with the Botox, then yes, that could be normal. These muscles would still be able to move freely, but the muscles around them, which would have been affected by the injected Botox and can no longer move, would then make the others seem more like they are spasms. But really it's just the muscles that are still able to move, while the ones around it can't anymore. I'd suggest maybe next time you have these additional muscles injected, like above the brows a bit.

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