Redness on Forehead a Few Weeks Later As a Result of Botox--am I Having an Allergic Reaction?

I had botox (in my "11 lines" and above center of brow) for the first time in March and again at the end of June. The first time I had no side effects, other than a rash of tiny bumps the first week that went away. About two weeks after the second time, however, I started getting very red there and now I have to use foundation to cover the redness in the area. I assume I'm having some sort of reaction to the botox, since the redness is only in the area I was injected. Will it go away?

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Long term redness is not expected, nor usually seen after Botox injections

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Regardless of the area injected, Botox does not cause redness. If the injections caused a delayed bruise (one or two days) the redness from the bruising (usually purple) would go away totally in three weeks. It is highly unlikely after Botox injections that the needles caused some proliferation of capillaries (tiny blood vessels). See your doctor to determine what is the redness from. 

Some people can get seborrhea, not from injections, but for reasons we don't understand, and the red flaking skin is often near the eyebrows. 

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Botox and Redness

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You're not likely having a reaction to the Botox itself, but possibly something topical used during the procedure. I would suggest following up with your provider to inquire about what was used during your treatment and ensure they don't use it again. You also might have a consult with a reputable dermatologist for a more thorough assessment.

Redness after Botox

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Typically after Botox injections, you may have some redness and a little swelling (similar to a mosquito bite) for about half an hour.  After that it would be very unusual to have any prolonged redness.  Without seeing a picture or seeing you in person, it is impossible to give you any specific advice.


Good luck.

Redness following Botox

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It would be very unlikely that the botox is causing redness this far out.  I would treat the area with topical hydrocortisone cream.  You could also take an over-the-counter medication like Benadryl if the area is itchy.  (Please follow all directions when taking either medication and read all warnings on the medications.)  The redness should go away very soon with time and the hydrocortisone.

Redness post Botox

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I doubt it's the Botox as that's in the muscle itself and not on the skin, and allergic reactions happen immediately with Botox. My assumption is that a topical numbing cream was applied to you before the injections...yes? Most likely, you're allergic to this! Use cool water and hydrocortisone (available from a pharmacy OTC) for a few days, a few times a day, and it should clear up just fine.

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